Kansas City Area Tornadoes

While preparing a delicious and healthy grilled dinner for my family, I noticed storm clouds brewing on the horizon. By the time all the cooking was done, the wind had picked up and I barely got the pork chops in before the rain started. It was nothing too exceptional for early May in Kansas.

Once the dishes were done and we were winding down for a relaxing Sunday evening, my wife glanced out the back door and said “Honey, you might want to come look at this…” at the precise moment tornado sirens started to wail.

What was waiting for me outside?

That folks, is the first funnel cloud I’ve ever seen in person. At this time, it was a couple miles away, and the storm spotters had already determined our house was likely outside of the path of any real damage. That did nothing to alleviate our fear – and we hustled our dog and ourselves down to the basement.

Ultimately, nothing of any consequence occurred. We waited in the basement, then made our way back upstairs after the danger passed and had a few chuckles with our family over getting to see it.

You may find yourself asking, “Why is this important then?” Well, it’s one of the first times I was able to confront the fear of something bad happening to my wife and my soon-to-be son. I’m sure there will be thousands of times in the next 50+ years where I have to face the reality that the things I love the most are being threatened by the outside world. This was the first time though, so I thought it warranted documenting.

Also, I have to say, for a phone pic, this turned out pretty cool.


  1. CycloneBrad says:

    As a native of Independence, MO, I miss this type of weather. A simple flash flood alarms people here in Tucson. Sad :)

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